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PCFA Looking for Committee Members for 2022!

The Peterborough County Federation of Agriculture is looking for folks interested in joining the following committees: 

The Governance Committee meets bi-annually to:

  • Review and propose changes to the constitution
  • Review and propose board structure including committees and subcommittees
  • Review and recommend who sits on our board and what input or message we want them to bring to the table
  • Review and propose changes to our policy

The Political Action Committee meets as required to:

  • Develop and consolidate farmer opinion for the promotion of any activity within the county which will improve the welfare of the individual farmer, the farming industry and the community.
  • Developing strategies to build stronger relationships with local politicians to be considered a leader within ag locally
  • Develop the schedule and strategy for breakfast meetings during the coming year including involvement of other ag groups
  • Develop 2022 political action messaging

The Marketing Committee meets as required to:

  • Develop an advertising strategy for the coming year (our ads create awareness about our communities challenges)
  • Investigate kicking our ad campaign up to the provincial level
  • Develop a public awareness strategy of who we are and what we do
  • Investigate and propose how to increase attendance of the ag community at local events

The Education Committee meets as required to:

  • Promote and participate in cultural, social and leadership development
  • Increase our support in youth ag groups as a feeder system to the boards
  • Develop strategy on how to get younger people involved
  • Investigate and develop more education in the community about agriculture


If you are interested in joining a committee please fill out this form: